Article 1 : Website Presentations

Paris Drive Prestige is a public transport company, and for this reason it puts vehicles at the disposal of people along with private and professional chauffeurs. The reservation can be made through a software available to all.

Article 2 : Accepting the General conditions

Access to use the site are subject to acceptance and compliance with these Terms and Conditions, hereinafter the “Terms”. The company reserves the right to change the site, the services and these Terms of Use. It is therefore necessary for the user to refer to the latest version of these Terms, accessible at any time on the site.

Article 3 : Access, navigation and site management.

The company strives to ensure a 24 /24 and 7 /7 access for its site but may at any given time change, suspend or interrupt access for updates or changes in order to improve the content. Navigation constitutes acceptance of Terms.
Due to efficiency reasons, the company may delete all information likely to disrupt the smooth running of the site.

Article 4 : Subscription / Unsubscription users.

4-1 Subscription

Access to services including paid ones rests on the registration of the user of the site. Registration and access to services are reserved for individuals who can legally comply with the conditions for registration and have accepted the Terms & Conditions.

The user agrees upon registration to provide complete information (name, address, telephone number…) precise and accurate, for that the person will have to regularly update his account. He must also provide a valid e-mail address through which the company will confirm his registration.

A user can only subscribe once on the website.
During registration, the user is given a user name to which he will need to add a password in order to access his “personal space”. This can be modified at any given time by the user in his personal space.

The company reserves the right to refuse a registration in case of non-compliance by the user of these clauses.

4-2 Unsubscribe

The regular subscribed user can unsubscribe at any given time by connecting to his personal space. A request to unsubscribe is taken into account immediately.

Article 5 : Responsibilities

The company through its publisher is responsible only for the content that it has edited. Thus, it can’t be held liable in case of technical, software or incompatibility problems with certain programs. It is not responsible for the reliability and security of information circulating via the Internet and can’t guarantee the accuracy of the information.
It also can’t be held responsible for any content or illegal activities if it isn’t aware according to the Law n°2004-575 dated 21st June 2004 as per the confidence in the digital economy.
Moreover, the company has no control over the links that the site contains and therefore can’t be held responsible for the content of these links.
The company finally will not be responsible for the misuse of IDs or passwords.

However, the user is responsible for his equipment and data, as well as his use of the website or services and for the non-compliance with these Terms.

II. General conditions of sale.

The following clauses have a goal to define the Terms of Sale, now known as “Terms”. These define the rights and obligations of the service provider and the customer. They only manage their relationship. To access the services, the customer must accept the Terms knowing that the Service Provider reserves the right to modify these Terms on a punctual basis.

Article 1 : Offered services and orders

The Paris Drive PRESTIGE company is specialized in public transport for people and the services it provides to its clients (vehicles with chauffeur etc….)

To access transportation services, the client must agree to the Terms & Conditions, then log in to their personal space through the ID and password that has been given.

Once the client has been identified, has the possibility to directly place the transport order or book in advance. For an immediate booking, the client needs to be precise with the departure and the destination, type of vehicle desired, number of passengers, means of payment…Immediate orders for organizational reasons can’t be taken into account before 24 Hours. If the client books in advance, he has to give all the necessary information. The client can also choose to book by phone through the indicated number. Based on the information, the service provider will offer a price for transport, these rates need to then be accepted by the customer. Then the provider will forward the elements of the order to the selected driver. The customer can also choose his service according to the ranges that are offered.

Article 2 : Obligations of the parties

2-1 : Obligations of the client

Once the booking is made, the customer must be present at the agreed place and time. The driver will send the customer an SMS, 30 minutes before the time, in order to remind him. The waiting time will begin at the specified time of the reservation and will be charged 0.50 cents per minute if exceeded. If the customer isn’t present after 15 minutes, the driver will cancel the journey and charge the customer.

2-2 : Obligations of the service provider

The service provider shall indicate the price of the service requested by the client and if the latter accepts the rate, the service provider shall send a SMS 24 hours before confirmation of the order in which the name of the driver will be given, the price of the journey, the car range, registration and the approximate time of arrival at the agreed place knowing that the provider can’t be held responsible for any delay.

Article 3 : Cancellations and changes

3-1 : Cancellation or modification by the customer

As for advance bookings, the customer may request for a cancellation until 72 hours before the date of reservation and obtain a refund of the amounts paid . However for immediate orders (at least 24 hours before) the customer does not have the right of withdrawal and will need to adjust the order.
The customer can also request to change the reservation, in which event the service provider will recalculate the price depending on the requested change and offer a new rate that the customer will accept.

3-2 : Cancellation by the service provider

The Service provider can cancel the Order in case of force majeure, in which event the customer will receive a compensation. He can also cancel transportation service if the customer does not show up at the agreed place, beyond a period set at 15 minutes. In the latter case, the customer will be charged for this.

Article 4 : Pricing conditions

The rates offered by the service provider depends on the range selected by the customer. There are three ranges: the ECO, SALOON and VAN range and in each of these ranges, it is suggested to choose the chauffeur according to the desired time. For example: in the economic range Paris/ Roissy amounts to 59 euros.

Outside the range, the price depends on the place of departure and destination and is fixed on the basis of an hourly rate and mileage.
Note that no extra baggage rate is applied and the a child-car seat is free.

Article 5 : Means of payment

When creating the personal space of the customer, the latter has the possibility to securely store bank account details to facilitate payments. The customer has three payment options:

– Credit card
– Paypal
– Paying cash directly to the chauffeur

For payment by credit card, the site has a 3D protection safety.
Regarding the professional accounts, they can benefit from bills that will be generated on decided dates.

Article 6 : Responsibilities of the parties

6-1 : Responsibility of the client

The customer agrees to arrive on time at the place of departure and to adopt appropriate behavior during journey. He will be held responsible in case of damage caused due to him. These will be billed under damage. The customer is required to attach the seat belt and abide by this rule.

6-2 : Responsibility of the service provider

The service provider will be held responsible for any negligence as for providing the service but may not be considered at fault if there is improper performance due to the customer, the fact of a third party or in case of a force majeure.

Article 7 : Engagement, compensation and solution

The service provider commits to check that drivers obey the laws as for the transportation with the client. The vehicle goes through regular checks. He also commits to refund the customer in case of poor performance due to the chauffeur.
If, despite the measures taken by the provider, the customer is not satisfied, he can send a registered letter with acknowledgment under the form of a complaint and the Provider promises to answer this as quickly as possible.

Article 8 : Severability

If by law enforcement, regulation or court decision or clauses of these Conditions of Sale including those of Use are declared null, they will be deemed unwritten. The other provisions of the Terms or they retain their force and meaning.

Article 9 : Governing law and dispute solution.

The General Conditions of Sale are subject to the French law for their validity, interpretation, application and implementation.

In the event of a dispute between the parties, the customer should address the Provider in order to find an amicable agreement and failing this agreement, the customer can ask for a court to mediate.

The site also has an English and Spanish version. In case of disagreement, conflict or differences of interpretation with the French version, the French version prevails.